We hate rules—but just a few common sense rules ...

  1. Do not bring firewood into this campground. We sell a generous amount of firewood for $ 5.00.
    (Please note:)  WE NOW ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDSBe safe!
  2. Do not move your fire pit. Fire pits are for burning campfires. Do not burn glass or cans.
  3. No fireworks, firearms, bows & arrows, bb guns, atv's. Play safe.
  4. DRIVE SLOW!!! In the park and in our town. PLEASE. DRIVE SLOW! DRIVE SLOW! DRIVE SLOW!
  5. Do not litter. Remove your trash and put it in the big grey dumpster by the barn.

    Be respectful
  6. Dogs must be leashed at all times. Pick up after your dog.
  7. No trespassing on our neighbors' properties.
  8. It's all about respect isnt it? Have a great stay!!!!
Be respectful

Call and make your reservations today! 262.593.8765.

* All sites include water, electric (20 amp service), a picnic table & a fire ring.

Tent sites CONSIST a family of 4. Adult tent and a children's tent may set on same site. No more then 4 people per site.

Adults CONSIST OF 1 tent per site unless arranged  with management.